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Welcome to the research study!    

This test is for the secondary testing of research for a master’s dissertation at Glyndwr University in Wales. Any views expressed in this artefact are those of the author and in no way represent those of Glyndŵr University.

The subject of study is: 
Subversion in video games : The most effective way to direct players using the 3D environment to make subconscious decisions 

This game should take you around 5 minutes to complete.

The Goal of this test is to make it to the end, there is a chance your character may ‘die’ and be sent back to the start try again. Please remember your death count, it will be displayed at the end as well as during gameplay.

Once you have Completed The game please fill out the survey by following the link in game or here: 


Your participation in this research is voluntary. You have the right to withdraw at any point during the study, for any reason, and without any prejudice. If you would like to contact the Principal Investigator in the study to discuss this research, please e-mail S18002534@mail.glyndwr.ac.uk.

By clicking the button below and downloading, you acknowledge that your participation in the study is voluntary and that you are aware that you may choose to terminate your participation in the study at any time and for any reason.

Install instructions

Once downloaded unzip and open the folder, to play press on the Dissertation.exe 


Dissertation Door Test One.zip 183 MB

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